Raydrik is the Duke of Manster, previously the General of Conote before betraying Thracia and siding with King Blume. He wields the mighty Loptyr Sword. He captures Nanna and Mareeta in Chapter 1, imprisons Leif at the end of Chapter 3, and leads Eyvel to an arena at the beginning of Chapter 4. In Chapter 5, he pits Eyvel against mercenaries to see her worth, and eventually, Veld deems that she is strong enough to become a Deadlord eventually, so he stones her. In Chapter 6, he orders his troops to prevent Leif's escape from Manster, and he continues his assault into Chapter 7. He isn't seen again till Chapter 24, in which you can defeat him with the Bragi Sword. However, he turns to dust when he's defeated as stated by Leif and he is turned into the Deadlord Mus, who you fight in the Final Chapter.