Legion of Darkness is a group that is form by Black Phantom, planning revenge on Hero Factory and led by Black Phantom himself. It didn't last long, they eventually dispensed from their treacherous leader and Went their separate ways.


Somewhere in Breakout and Doom Box novel, they form the Legion of Darkness and seeking revenge on Hero Factory. After learning of Black Phantom's betrayal, turn on him and dispersed.


  • Black Phantom - Leader (formerly) 
  • Toxic Reapa - The power-hungry rogue (formerly)
  • Jawblade - The temper shark (formerly)
  • Splitface - The cybernetic schizophrenic with a split personality (formerly)
  • Thornraxx - The Wasp-like alien renegade (formerly)
  • XT4 -The reprogrammed working XT series robot (formerly)
  • Voltix -The electric villains (formerly)
  • Speeda Demon - The speed obsessed thief (formerly)