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Leech is a villain from Champions Online and a minion of the arch-villain, Talisman - he was fought in the Irradiated Mines near the haunted town of Burnside where he was gathering an army of Irradiates to try and cause havoc in the mortal world.
According to Leech's profile (which can be read before fighting him) the monster was once an ordinary human working as a cab driver who was cursed by an unknown villain into becoming a near-mindless energy-draining monstrosity, now Leech has little memory of who he originally was but feels a deep, burning hatred for all "normal" beings.
Ultimately Leech is defeated before he can wage war with humanity and the heroes take the mystical Karathos Circlet he had acquired and give it to Witchcraft before it can be used for any ill-gain.

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