Lee Toric

Wow, I didn't even seen that coming.
~ Lee Toric (final words before his death).

Lee Toric is a character from the FX drama series Sons of Anarchy and serves as a recurring villain during the final 3 episodes of Season 5 and the first 4 episodes of Season 6.

History Edit

Toric is a retired U.S. Marshal who arrives in Charming on a one man war against the Sons and their loved ones over the death of his sister Pamela, who was killed by Otto Delaney.

Toric made Otto's life in prison the most miserable experience of his life, doing such things as disguising himself as a prisoner and brutally beating Otto and having him raped by another prisoner. Toric also attempted to make deals with Clay Morrow and Tara Knowles Teller to turn them against Jax and the Sons in exchange for protective custody. Toric accidentally murdered a Diosa escort and framed Nero Padilla for murder.

In the fourth episode of Season 6, "Wolfsangel", Toric takes Clay to the infirmary to see a suffering Otto, in order to threaten him into signing an affidavit. Clay sneakily slips Otto a shiv while embracing him before they leave. Later, Toric visits Otto and believes that he is finally getting Otto's cooperation on ratting on the Sons, only to find a vulgar message about his sister on the notepad. Toric attacks Otto, who responds by stabbing Toric with the shiv, grabbing him as a shocked Toric exclaims "Wow, I didn't see that coming." As the guards come in to stop Otto, he slashes Toric's throat, killing him.