Lee Kang-to

Sato Hiroshi (real name: Lee Kang-to) is a character and an anti-hero in KBS television series Bridal Mask and is Pro-Japanese officer who became second Bridal Mask after his brother Kang-san's death. Son of murdered nobleman Lee Kang-to joined Japanese police for captured Bridal Mask and his best friend was Kimura Shunji who shared kendo together Lee was obsessed for caputing Bridal Mask is alter ego of his own brother Kang-san who pretended as idiot and discovered freedom fighter's daughter Oh Mok-dan is actually his childhood friend Boon-yi. he confessed for his brother that he work for police to earn money.

After he shot Kang-san in front of Shunji's brother Kenji who was his boss, Kang-to was shocked to see his brother was in fact Bridal Mask which later died and find his mother's body. his father's friend told him why Kang-san avenge for his people include his family caused Kang-to as changing man and become second Bridal Mask. he reunited wih Oh Mok Dan after she discovred his identity and his friend Shunji become police officer and enemy. in the end Mok-dan's death and Shunji's suicide Kang-to leads Korean people who fights against Japanese.



  • His Japanese name shared with Hiroshi Sato from same series Legend of Korra