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Hit the Road - Lee-Harvey
Lee-Harvey appears in the game Sam & Max Hit the Road as the henchman of Conroy Bumpus.


For the most part, Lee-Harvey acts on Bumpus' orders as both a bodyguard and henchman. He retains a mostly calm demeanor when handling Bumpus' affairs but can get quite enraged.

In the story, he aids his employer in his search for a bigfoot to use in his act only to be disappointed again and again with each bigfoot's disappearance. Sam and Max, hired by the Kushman Brothers to find their disappeared frozen bigfoot Bruno, cross paths with the two. At the Gator Golf course, Lee-Harvey beats up the duo on Bumpus' orders.

Eventually, Bumpus and Lee-Harvey attempt to abduct numerous bigfoots at a convention and are confronted in the kitchen. Along with Bumpus, Lee-Harvey is imprisoned in a block of ice which is then set up as the Kushman Brothers' replacement exhibit.

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