Ledell Nikolovic is a Polish Olympic shooter who was hired by Bob Stigner to murder his master Ted Conan so he can take over Conan Associates. Nikolovic was brought in after a shooting practice is successful. According to his records, Nikolovic used to be in the army until they kicked him out. Sometime at a bar, the Polish gunner meets Golgo 13 and fears that the Asian gunner might try to kill his client. At first, Ledell wanted out but then decides to go to the airport anyway for the murder job. Days later, at an airport, Stigner wheels his former master out of the plane, ready to make sure Ledell performs the hit successfully. As Ted looks up into the sun, Stigner is shot down by Golgo 13, then starts to attack Nikolovic. After a shot to the hand, Ledell tries to kill Golgo but is unsuccessful and is killed himself.