So this is where you hide when you're not toadying up the Most High Guardian
~ Leddix

Leddix is a tertiary antagonist in the eighth Edge Chronicles book. He is the gaoler of Orbix Xaxis' prisons and does his best to please his master. He is shown to be very dutiful, simpering, respectful, sycophantic, companionable, subservient, deferential, obsequious, compliant, debonair, slavish, humble, and wiry. Leddix is an enemy and rival of Xanth Filatine, a fellow gaoler.

Leddix was ordered by Xaxis to interrogate and imprison every prisoner the Guardians of Night captured. He did the job so well, that he would sneak in to prisons and steal prisoners away for execution - prisoners Xanth wanted spared.

Leddix captured two Librarians whom Xanth had interrogated and imprisoned and personally told Leddix he didn't want them dead. Leddix disobeyed in his bloodlust and hatred and sold them to Orbix Xaxis who was very pleased. Orbix then fed the Librarians to Rock Demons, a ritual of his, having Leddix take command of their execution.

Leddix's name inspired fear amongst the prisoners, and even amongst his fellow Guardians. Leddix was eventually ordered to dig a tunnel with his underlings from the Tower of Night to the sewers, where the prisoners - eventually Xanth and Magda - could run being chased by Rock Demons. The plan was for Xanth to lead the Rock Demons to the Librarians in the sewers and thus have the Librarians, and Xanth, eaten.

Xanth was ordered, before his imprisonment, to clean the lightning conductor at the top of the Tower, Midnight's Spike, for the arrival of the Storm, but Xanth stole the deadbolt. Leddix found out when he was due to wind up the Spike, and roared in fury. He let the Spike fall, and Orbix yelled at him to lift it again. Leddix said he couldn't because the deadbolt was gone. Orbix Xaxis picked up Leddix and threw him from the top of the Tower of Night to his death.