Leda and Spica were saints in XX century and villains in the Saint Seiya series.


Leda and Spica were defeated by Shun in a tournament to get the Andromeda Cloth, but, them got another two clothes.

Scorpio Milo, with secrets (even to him) Aprhodite help, attacks Andromeda Island and kill Daidalos, because he never obeyed the pope orders. All the apprentices of Daidalos were killed, but only June, Leda and Spica survived (Daidalos was killed too).

June goes to the Japan notices the attack to Shun to stop his journey to invade the invincible Sanctuary, but Shun refuses and June tries to stop him by force, but fails. So, Leda and Spica appears and they reveals them hate Daidalos because his stubbornness condemned the island to destruction; so, they become pope's servants to survive and will kill Shun probably because he defeated them in the tournament. But, although the three are using a cloth at this time, Shun wins the battle again.

It is not known if Leda and Spica died after fighting Shun because Shun does not usually kill his opponents unless necessary.