Leatherface (third)

Leatherface Slaughter is the tranvestile counterpart of Leatherface and Leatherface (second timeline), he is the secondary antagonist of the horror comedy film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.


Leatherface lives along with his brothers Vilmer Slaughter and W.E. Slaughter and his sister-in-law Darla Slaughter, He constantly stalks the caracters of the film and kidnappes Jenny and Heather, he is later seen, in the dinner scene eating pizza along with his family, after Jenny escapes, he and Vilmer stalks her. Vilmer is killed by a propellor in the head and Jenny is saved by Rothman, Leatherface starts to cry and scream in agony.


  • In the film, he only kills one victim, Barry.
  • This is considered the worst version of Leatherface ever seen.


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