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Leatherface is the titular secondary antagonist of the horror movie, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. This Leatherface is a counterpart of the original Leatherface.


Leatherface is first seen in the intro secene, doing his work with a dead body, later, after Michelle and Ryan mets Alfredo Sawyer and Tex Sawyer, they find themselfs lost in a dark forest and Ryan is kidnapped, Michelle finally mets Leatherface when a young girl is killed by him, Michelle runs away in fear only to find Leatherface's house, there she mets the rest of the family: Tinker SawyerMama SawyerLittle Girl Sawyer and Grandpa Sawyer, Ryan is killed by the family and Benny attacks the house, killing Tinker and Mama, Leatherface leaves Tex to fight the intruders and escapes, He is later seen in the ending when Michelle kills Alfredo.


  • Leatherface and Little Girl are the only villains that survive.
    • In the alternative ending, Leatherface dies in the swamp.


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