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Leander Rolfe about to attack

Leander Rolfe

Leander Rolfe is the main antagonist in the 1984 film Tightrope.

He was portrayed by Marco St. John.


He was psychopathic serial killer who was chased by the police and the film's main character Det. Wes Block ,Rolfe always knew that Block followed him ,then ,Rolfe chosed to kill women that Block knew personally ,he killed a lot such as a whore who haved sex with Block ,he killed his girls's babysitter Mrs. Holestern and even succeed to rape Block's young daughter Amanda and near to the end of the film ,he was tried to rape Beryl Thibodeaux,Block's girlfriend.

He was tried to rape Beryl ,but she fought against him and succeed to stab him twice in his shoulder with scissors ,then ,Rolfe escaped and then he chased by Block in local cemetry ,Rolfe took a shovel and attacked Block ,then the chase contiuned in train tracks, there ,Rolfe fought Block on train track ,after a violent and brutal fight ,Block finally killed Rolfe by that he was run over by a train who passed out on the track. after the fight and Rolfe's death ,Block met Beryl and they were kissed and go away from the place.


He was a dangerous and vicious serial killer and rapist who kidnapped, raped women and eventually kill them using a red ribbon to choke and overpowering his victims. He was killed by Det. Wes Block (Clint Eastwood) after they fought each other on a train track ,after their fight ,Block made that he would run over by a train ,after Rolfe's deathhis hand was stayed on Block's throat. Rolfe was the mastermind behind the killing of the women.

Rolfe was a cop who got crazy arrested by Block after he (Rolfe) raped two younger girls. he is actually a ruthless psychopathic killer and a Complete Monster and Barbarian Sadist.