The League of Villains (敵連合 Viran rengō) is a group of organized villains both powerful and weak whose mission is to kill the #1 hero "Symbol of Peace", All Might. The group was founded by a man known as Sensei, but is lead by Tomura Shigaraki with Kurogiri as his right-hand man. They are the main antagonists of the manga and anime series My Hero Academia.


There are a total amount of 75 members in the League of Villains. However, the League of Villains have increased in number of members as many supervillains wished to join them after Stain's defeat and capture.


Yuuei Beginnings Saga

Ultimate Space & Jams arc

Sports Festival Arc

Field Training Arc

End of Term Test Arc

School Trip Arc

HIdeout Raid Arc

Hero License Exam Arc

Internship Arc


Vanguard Action Squad

Artificial humans

  • Nomu (Imprisoned)
  • Unnamed artificial human