Citizens of Mobius, the League of Super-Evil Villains has arrived. Surrender the world to us... or perish!
~ Grand Chief Whip, leader of the League of Super-Evil Villains, announcing themselves to the people of Mobius.

The League of Super Evil Villains is a criminal organization and a group of minor villains in Sonic the Comic. This group comprised of small-time crooks and aspiring evildoers, most of whom were minor baddies in the original run, although not every one of them is a member. Unfortunately for them, no one takes them too seriously.

Having failed in all their individual schemes, they first formed together to hatch a 'master plan', which first involved amassing all the wealth of the Metropolis Zone by robbing the bank. Their ultimate aim was to become wealthier and more powerful than Dr. Robotnik had been. Unfortunately, they were never particularly well-organized, nor did they work well together, constantly bickering and arguing. Their efforts were ultimately foiled by their own ineptness, and Sonic the Hedgehog and the police. Given his opponents, Sonic saw no need to rush in on this occasion.

They have since returned, with a change in leadership, trying to find a way to deal with Captain Blue and his group of vigilantes by hiring an assassin, in the form of Fockewulf de Shrike. However, they seem to be unaware that they are being manipulated by Blue's superior, Mr. Gold. Following their failure, they appeared to disband, with only Windy Wallis and Doctor Genius staying together. They were cornered in Metropolis City University and defended themselves with a weather machine and Badniks. However, they were caught by Tails and Amy Rose and arrested, before later being freed by Gold himself.



  • Grand Chief Whip - The League's leader, and head of the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe. Easily frustrated at his comrades' shortcomings. While certainly villainous, he's not afraid of abandoning his group when failure rears its ugly head.
  • The Leaf - A thief who made his name impersonating Tails. Seems to have delusions of grandeur and an extremely hot temper. Prone to getting into an argument at the drop of a hat.
  • Windy Wallis - Insane ex-weatherwoman. Notably talkative. Wields a miniaturized weather machine and frequently gets into arguments with The Leaf.
  • Tyson Dense - Mad polluter. Dense has armed himself with extendable punching gloves, a red-hot oil gun and several polluto-bombs. He also doesn't seem to be a good traveller, though this may be down to The Leaf's driving or his own "polluto-bombs".
  • Bob - A single Plax, expelled by his creators for not being part of the group mind. This seems to have given him a slight inferiority complex. He's either not particularly clever, or the League just don't deem him important enough to know any of the details.
  • Doctor Genius - Egotistical criminal scientist and the League's newest member. Has elected himself leader in Whip's absense.