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Le Tenia ("The Tapeworm") is the main antagonist of the 2002 film Irreversible. A sadistic and violent pimp, Le Tenia's actions set in motion the plot of the film.

He is portrayed by Jo Prestia.


La Tenia encounters the young Italian woman Alex in an underground underpass while he is abusing a transsexual prostitute, Concha. When Alex attempts to try and stop Le Tenia, a confrontation ensues to which Le Tenia turns his aggressions onto Alex. Holding her at knifepoint, Le Tenia pins Alex to the ground and brutally rapes her for a prolonged time, after which he beats her into unconscious before leaving the scene. 

Alex is rendered comatose after the beating. Alex's boyfriend, high on drugs, seeks to find her rapist and tracks down Concha, demanding to know his identity. After Concha identifies Le Tenia, she directs them to a BDSM nightclub called the RECTUM. Marcus and his friend, Pierre, arrive at the nightclub and confront Le Tenia and another man. Confusing the other man for Le Tenia, Marcus assaults him, but is overpowered. Le Tenia watches as Pierre defends Marcus by killing the other man with an extinguisher. The authorities arrive and Marcus is hospitalized while Pierre is arrested. It is then revealed that the man who was murdered wasn't Le Tenia, but the man he was standing next to was.

Le Tenia's fate afterwards is unknown.


  • Le Tenia's real name is unknown.