Cyborgirl 01
LeTonya Charles (New_Earth) also known as Cyborgirl is A Villain from the DC Comics


LeTonya Charles was a young woman who had destroyed her body with the drug known as 'Tar', but was granted a second chance when her aunt, Sarah Charles, one of the scientists who helped repair Cyborg, saved her with powerful cybernetic implants. Rather than use her newfound gifts for good, LeTonya chose to focus on personal gain. LeTonya found herself a member of Villainy Inc., now calling herself Cyborgirl. She and her teammates tried to overthrow Skartaris, but were stopped by Wonder Woman. She was next seen handing her self over to the Justice League to avoid being exiled to another planet during the events of Salvation Run. Soon after, Cyborgirl joined the Cyborg Revenge Squad and was one of several such beings to wage an attack against Victor Stone at S.T.A.R. Labs. Stone avoided Cyborgirl's electromagnetic attack, but succeeded in defeating her through sheer force.

Powers and Abilities


Cybernetic Enhancement:: Because of the implants her aunt gave her, Cyborgirl has the same powers as Cyborg. Much of her body has been replaced with advanced cybernetics. This grants her superhuman strength, speed and invulnerability as well as a variety of other functions such as sensors and a wide variety of weapons.