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Workaholic is a protagonist from russian show "Lazy-Man" (rus. Человек Лень), which is part of Kutstupid show.


Lazy-Man had started his life of lazy man in kinder garden, when he was learning together with Workaholic. He was bullying him with other kids. When he grew up, he became a superhero, who is always lazy. But when he got a new partner named Super-Aleshka, he started to be more active in superhero stuff, but he was still lazy, rude and selfish.


He is a big fat man. He is wearing a blue-red costume and on his chest, there is his logo LM (rus. ЧЛ).

Videos (for people, who understands Russian)

Lazy-Man - Hostage04:10

Lazy-Man - Hostage

Lazy-Man S means Sofa03:50

Lazy-Man S means Sofa

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