Layla Simmons
Layla Simmons was a villainess from the 2004 film, Vampires:  Out For Blood.

She was played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, who also played the Spider Demon in an episode of Charmed, and Gretchen Morgan on Prison Break.

Layla Simmons was originally reported missing without a trace, until protagonist Hank Helton discovered her at a nightclub. The club is revealed to be a haven for vampires, and much to Hank's surprise, Layla turned heel and became a vampiress. Later in the film, the evil Layla encountered Hank once again and attempted to seduce him, all the while displaying her vampire fangs and features. She and her male vampire accomplice, later went after Hank and his ex-wife, Susan, in a hotel room, but they were fought off. While searching for Susan (who was taken by the master vampire, Hank finds Layla in her resting place, and gets Susan's location out of her. After she talks, Layla ends up killed by Hank with a wooden stake.