You mean to tell me that there isn't one single solitary gold bar, or emerald, or thousand dollar bill in this ENTIRE MOUNTAIN?!
~ Lawrence Van Dough

Lawrence Van Dough is the main antagonist of the 1994 Richie Rich film.

He is a close associate to the Rich family, who out of envy wishes to take their possessions and wealth.

He is portrayed by John Larroquette.

He is a greedy and scheming corporate executive who plots to murder the Riches and take over the family business and steal their wealth with the help of Ferguson, Richie's corrupt bodyguard. He succeeds in bombing their private jet (which they survive) and framing the butler Cadbury, at which point he takes over Rich Industries and fires nearly all the employees. He later deliberately rescues the Riches in order to gain access to the family vault inside Mount Richmore.

After Richard and Regina Rich open the vault, he excitedly walks inside only to find that there is nothing in the vault except antiques and family memories. He is very angry and demands an explanation to where the riches are and finds out that they are all in the banks, stock market and real estate as the Rich family do not value money.

When Richie arrives at Mount Richmore to rescue his parents, Van Dough attempts to shoot him, but he is unharmed thanks to one of Professor Keenbean's inventions, which rendered his clothes bulletproof. After a climatic showdown on the face of Mount Richmore, Richie's dad fires Van Dough, even though he has made a lifelong practice of never terminating employees. Van Dough is fired and arrested, and later is seen watching Richie and his friends play a baseball game, while apart of his work release program, has to clean the Rich property.



  • Although it is not directly stated in the film, in the Richie Rich cartoon and comic strip, Van Dough is actually Richie's paternal cousin. However his name is Reggie instead of Lawrence.
    • This could also explain why Van Dough knew the Rich family had a secret vault on their property.
    • Also in the cartoon and comic strips, Van Dough is slightly older than Richie, however in the film, he's around the same age as his father.