The Lawn Gnorme is a supporting antagonist of the Phineas and Ferb episode Excaliferb. He is the fantasy counterpart of Norm and a giant lawn gnome serving as the assistant to the evil wizard Malifishmertz.


He only appears when Malfishmertz summoned him to trap Parable the Dragonpus (the fantasy counterpart of Perry the Platypus) in a wicker cage. Malifishmertz stated to Parable that he had built the Gnorme to protect his garden from witches' spells and wood trolls. The Gnorme would later show the Meatlings that Malifishmertz have created by pouring them out from Malifishmertz's cauldron into the floor for Parable to see, as Malifishmertz plans to use them to take over the entire Tri-Kingdom Area.

It is unknown what happened to the Gnorme after the final battle between Malifishmertz and Parable, either that he may have escaped with his master or not.


  • His appearance is similar to that of a regular-sized lawn gnome, just like the ones portrayed during the original Doofenshmirtz's backstories in the series.