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Lawerence Fairfax is a fictional serial-killer from the video-game SWAT 4 who becomes one of the suspects the group are tasked with capturing in order to rescue a would-be-victim he had kidnapped six days prior to the SWAT raid.

Fairfax's victims were all female and their bodies showed signs of torture and dismemberment and were selected from a University he frequented as his former job as a temporary carpenter.

During the raid the team find his room covered in wanted posters and behind the main bedroom is a disturbing torture chamber full of hanging masks and a tied up victim (luckily still alive) - as well as broken mannequin parts.

Lawerence was mentally disturbed, often refering to his victims as his "darlings" and had fortified his home - he also had a television set linked to his torture room, where he could observe his victims at all times.<null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null>

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