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Lavernia is a character from the popular comedy series, "Malcolm In The Middle" - unlike Reese and Lois, who can be viewed as protagonists with flaws Lavernia is without a doubt a truly villanious character and although she was a minor character she was portrayed as being extremely evil.

Lavernia was Francis' boss, the head of a logging camp, and was a truly monstrous woman who had her staff living in fear, to the point she charged them so much for everything that they ended up owing her money and rules them with an iron fist.

She did however have a soft spot for her pet parakeet, shown when Francis' wife, Piama, held it hostage to make Lavernia treat Francis better.

She was forced to close up her business when all the trees were cut and an oil company bought the land, forcing Francis out of a job. He would then find a job with a very friendly German named Otto Mannkusser, who was a better boss than Lavernia would ever be.