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Lavender Town Rocket Commander

The commander

The commander of the Team Rocket branch of Lavender Town is a green haired Rocket Grunt. He is merely referred to as Team Rocket Grunt in the games.

Pokemon games

The commander was present with the Rockets who were occupying Pokemon Tower. He is likely the grunt who uses two Zubats, a Ratatta, and a Raticate, as that Grunt is fought last.

Pokemon: The Origin

Hunting Pokemon

The commander and his team were once told to capture a group of Pokemon in order to sell them. They nearly managed to capture a Mankey, a Raticate, a Sandshrew and a Sandslash, and failed to capture the baby Cubone they were after (they wanted to sell his skull) due to the intervention of its mother. Infuriated, the commander killed Cubone's mother - Marowak - with his electric staff.

Control of Lavender Town

The commander and his team arrived in Lavender Town, where they took control over the Pokemon Tower to use as their headquaters, with the commander using the Silph Scope to get past ghosts. Eventually the commander fought Blue and was defeated, he and his team left after one of his grunts was defeated by Red.

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