Lava Piranha

Lava Piranha is one of the bosses in Paper Mario. It is a Piranha Plant with the ability to survive in lava. Although there is more than one of this specie, it is never proved. This Piranha Plant is fought in a volcano in the first Paper Mario game and is the only appearance it makes ever. Its attacks are fire based obviously. But it is suspectable to water and ice attacks though. It is red with white spots with red inside.

It is the main antagonist of Chapter 5 in Paper Mario, who guards the fifth Star Spirit, Misstar. He works for Bowser and talks with bad grammar. Mario encountered him and defeated him. He reemerged from the lava, on fire, but was defeated again, and was apparently killed, sinking back into the lava.

In the credits parade, when the Lavalava Island goes by the screen, Raphael Raven and ;Lava Piranha alternately poke their heads out from behind the mountain.


In the first phase, Lava Piranha has 40 HP, 0 DEF, and 5 ATK. He shoots fireballs at Mario, and his Lava Buds shoot Petit Piranhas. Killing the Lava Buds makes the battle easier, and they each have 8 HP.

In the second phase, Lava Piranha has the same amount of HP and defense, but his attack increases to 7 and he breathes fire. He is on fire, so he can't be jumped on without the Ice Power badge. This phase is easier than the first if Sushie is Ultra Rank and can use Tidal Wave; ice or water attacks will stun Lava Piranha and his Lava Buds (who cannot be killed in this phase) for two full turns. It is possible to beat this form without taking any damage.


  • He resembles Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.