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Laurence Blood is one of the villains from Fatal Fury 2.


Laurence was a famous bullfighter in Spain, said to be able to kill any bull with a single stroke of his sword. His family had faithfully served the Stroheim clan for generations, so Laurence takes on the vow to serve the latest Earl of Stroheim, Wolfgang Krauser, serving as his bodyguard while Krauser himself supported Laurence's career in the bullfighting scene. When Krauser decides to host the second King of Fighters tournament, he calls Laurence to take part as well, along with Billy Kane and Axel Hawk, serving as the final competitors in the tournament, with the duty of defeating all the weak contestants, as Krauser wanted to fight Terry Bogard, the man who had defeated his half-brother Geese Howard. Laurence meets with Terry and fights him, ending defeated. After witnessing his master being defeated by Terry, Laurence decides to quit the bullfighting and is not heard off again.


Laurence is a man of great pride and honor, but he is also very arrogant, believing he above everyone due to his name.

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