Laughy Cat, in his cage.

Laughy Cat belongs to Principal Mitchell, and he's one of the antagonists of Disney XD's Kirby Buckets. He has a sinister human man's laugh, and he's one rotten cat.

What Makes Him Evil

He ruined Eli's items, like his Laughy Cat fanfiction, even though Eli adored him and was looking forward to Laughy Cat Day at Forest Hills High School. He ruined Kirby's drawing of him by shredding it with his claws and he peed on it. He also scratched Fish's arm, leaving a tiny scratch. But it still hurt.

Laugh's Defeat

Laughy stalks Kirby and his friends, and attacked Kirby while Kirby was trying to fight him in the basement. (Kirby was dressed up in bubble wrap, big gloves, and an umpire's mask) Kirby and his friends were trying to get him back into his cage, since he escaped from it in Principal Mitchell's office.