The Last Dragon of Solstratos was the main antagonist of the standalone Wonder Woman story "Casualties of War".


A young dragon during the was between the amazons (led by Hippolyta) and Solstratos, this dragon did not know or understand why the war took place in the first place, considering the peaceful society that he, the other dragons, and the humans on the island lived in (he was apparently unaware that the humans of Solstratos had been engaging in piracy and causing chaos in all of the neighboring civilisations)..

During the war, he lost his entire family, and everyone he ever loved and cared about, and after hiding he became the very last of his kind. He was the sole remaining living sentient being on the island of Solstratos for many years, and the only one there to bury the bodies of everyone lost in the war.

Many centuries later, the mysterious Dragon God appeared to him, and gave him the opportunity he craved for revenge, by showing him the location of Hippolyta's daughter, so that he could destroy Hippolyta's family just like she destroyed his.

While in the city, he slaughtered hundreds of people and destroyed buildings just to get Wonder Woman's attention. The two battled, and while the Amazon Princess went out of her way to not kill him, and tried her best to get him to stop fighting, and to convince him that all she wanted was peace, he refused to listen, believing this to be nothing more than a rouse to get him to drop his guard.

Eventually, during their fight, Wonder Woman was forced to kill the dragon, which greatly affected her. She buried its body in a human cemetery and pledged to it that she would find the mysterious Dragon God who manipulated him into doing this, and put a stop to his plans.