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Lasso Louie is a villain from the animated series The New Adventures of Madeline and the main antagonist of the episode "Madeline and the Wild West." He is the horrible horse thief, the "Baddest Bad Guy in the West." His goal is to rustle the pony named Gallop (which the series' protagonist, Madeline, was riding on at the time).

On one attempt to get Gallop, he unintentionally lassos a poodle in a lady's arms; a second time, at the Wild West show, he unintentionally lassos Pepito onto a bull; a third time, again at the show, he unintentionally gets the host Buffalo Ben's hat (but deliberately stomps on it); a fourth time, on a ship, he unintentionally lassos a bull Madeline had already lassoed for chasing Pepito (which was for provoking him). After the ship lands on America, Lasso Louie stows away on the train to Sagebrush, New Mexico, getting onto the caboose. On a fifth attempt to rustle Gallop, he steals a teddy bear Madeline won from a fair game. Finally, by the time Madeline's turn to be in the Rodeo is near and she comes to collect Gallop, Lasso Louie has stolen him.

Eventually, he is arrested by Madeline and the sheriff; however, unintentionally Lasso Louie had brought Gallop to the latter's family (whom he'd captured, too).