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Lass is a villain in the animated series Apollo's Pad


Lass was distraught that Apollo was taking advantage of 3 fat women (which Apollo named Earthquake, Tsunami, and Hurricane) who he was having an affair with so he decided to steal Apollo's "women". Apollo warned Lass to stay away from his women , Lass then revealed he was a lesbian.

While Apollo was sleeping, Lass convinced the women that men where all evil and worth killing and they together redecorated Apollo's bar with hippie things and tied up Apollo, Mickey, Snoflake, and Ice. 

After Apollo woke up, Lass revealed that she and the women (who he now named Dances WIth Keenwah and Chocolate Conifdence, it is unknown what he renamed Tsunami) where planning on killing Apollo and his friends and turning the bar into a organic pizza parlor. Lass then told the women to kill Apollo.

As they were about to kill Apollo, Apollo apologized to them and conivnced them to kill Lass, but Lass convinced them otherwise, then Apollo did, then Lass did again, and they were about to kill Apollo. But, Earthquake stopped them and realizes that Lass and Apollo took advantage of both of them and revealed her real name is Lisa, and got angry and stomped so hard, Earthquake fell into the basement and died.

At Lisa's funeral, Apollo and Lass realized they were both wrong and they decided to go upstairs and have sex.