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Lash is one of the supporting antagonists in Sky High. He is one of the school's two bullies (the other is best friend Speed), and later an ally of Royal Pain. His power is elasticity.

He was portrayed by Jake Sandvig.


Lash wears a jacket, a shirt, or gym armour, and a stripped shirt. Contrary to popular belief, he does not have a unibrow. His bangs cover his eyebrows, creating the illusion.


Lash seems to be very cocky, as shown when fighting the side-kicks.

Powers and Abilities

Elasticity: Lash has the power to extend and contract his body and its parts to great lengths. He was able to use his elasticity to convert himself into the equivalent of a giant slingshot. Lash likes to use his ability to stir up trouble, such as tripping Will Stronghold in the cafeteria to provoke a fight with Warren Peace, ups a cup of ginger ale at the Homecoming dance, and snatches Ron Wilson's cap.



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