LaserMan.EXE is a NetNavi operated by Dr. Regal and effectively the Navi in control of Nebula as well as a villain from the MegaMan Battle Network and NT Warrior series.


Battle Network 4

Lan and Megaman first met LaserMan, after they won the Hawk Tournament, preventing Lan from leaving. He offered Megaman a place at his side, but he refused and was going to fight LaserMan until one of his friends arrived (GutsMan.EXE and AquaMan.EXE depending on which version of the game it is). LaserMan brought out Megaman’s inner darkness and fused it with the friend, transforming them into their Dark Soul form, which Megaman was forced to fight. LaserMan retreated, but not before saying the darkness had grown inside him. Later on, Dr. Regal downloaded LaserMan into Duo.Exe’s comet so that he could take it over. He faced off against Megaman himself this time, but was defeated.

NT Warrior

LaserMan first appeared after ShadeMan.EXE tried to attack Dr. Regal, but the Darkloid's attacks just went right through him, revealing it was just a projected image. LaserMan then destroyed the Dimensional Converters, which made ShadeMan return back to the Cyberworld.

LaserMan after overthrowing ShadeMan

He proceeded to turn all the other Darkloids against ShadeMan, taking his position as their leader. LaserMan was responsible for turning ProtoMan, who’d previously been corrupted by a Dark Chip into a full Darkloid. He sent the other Darkloids on various missions until Dr. Regal initiated his plans to cover the world in a Dimensional Area. After ShadeMan returned, LaserMan Cross Fused with Dr. Regal with use of a Dark Synchro Chip, destroying the vampiric Darkloid. Their Cross Fused form then melded into an enormous robot version of LaserMan and attacked locations worldwide. However Megaman defeated the robot and LaserMan and Dr. Regal’s bodies were cast into the UnderNet, where LaserMan died.


LaserMan is a considerably powerful NetNavi and possesses extremely powerful armor to the point that he doesn’t flinch from attacks. He fights with various laser attacks, one of which can generate a Dark Hole that restores his health. LaserMan’s battlefield also has a Mystery Data, which contains a Giga Chip that varies depending on the version of the game.


  • In the original Japanese anime, LaserMan doesn’t seem to have his own personality. His voice actor is the same as Dr. Regal and he speaks and acts the same as his NetOp to the point that LaserMan seems to mirror Regal in every aspect. There are even times when it’s hard to tell if LaserMan is talking or Dr. Regal is just speaking through him. It is heavily implied that LaserMan is merely a proxy for Regal.
  • Dread Joker from MegaMan Starforce 3 has a similar design to LaserMan.
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