Larva p. Grasshop is an antagonist of the Japan serie Spider Riders, Who was working for lord Mantid for destroyed all the spider Riders he look lilke a giant Grasshopper. Every time he try to destroy the spider riders he fail and that make him get his revenge on them everytimes he was really angry at them for defeating him. After all his failure Lord Mantid got tired of him and banish him from the invescid grasshop was angry and promise he will destroy all of the spider riders. When he tries to attack the princess of Aracna she was scare of him but when he see she was child he feel with remorse for attacking her. She see he was sad because he was banished by Mantid the princess see he have a good side in him and it was not too late for him to have a changing heart when so he began to befriending her. At night he said to Mantid guard to capture the princess and her guards but when he see she begin to lose her trust in him he realise his mistake after thinking of his two sons who have the same age as her. So he finally free the princess and her gards and tries to win the trust of all spider riders. At the end when the spider riders kingdom go to be destroy he go save his wife and sons and go help the spider riders against Lord Mantid in the finale all of the invescids and spider riders are finally in peace.