Well if it isn't little Twister and his friends.
~ Lars

Lars Rodriguez is the main antagonist of the series Rocket Power. He is the older brother of Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez and the archrivial of Otto Rocket.


Lars is a tall, Hispanic kid with brown hair and missing upper incisor teeth. He often wears a grey skull cap and a large purple shirt with a big red star on it.


Lars is very mean and is often seen as a bully to Twister and the rest of the group. He often hangs around Animal, Pi Piston, and Sputz Ringley and their group, the Lasers often picks on Otto's group. Lars also is very competitive and is not afraid to cheat when he is about to lose a competiton. Given the numerous pranks aside, Lars can be somewhat of a coward and often runs away in fear whenever something scares or humilates him. Twister's gullibility makes him an easy target for Lars to pick on, their sibling rivalry goes back when Twister was at least five years old on his Birthday and Lars has been pulling pranks on him ever since. Lars also has a bad habit of goading other people into doing things that they themselves don't want to do, like challenging the Rocket gang to a midnight rematch hockey game and taunting Sam for not longboarding down the California Incline.

Despite being a bully towards Twister, Lars actually cares for his little brother deep down inside and doesn't like to see him get seriously injured or even killed.

Twister implied that Lars wears Schmoopie-Whoopie Bear Pajamas at night, something that Lars does not like to be teased about.