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Larry is a recurring enemy in the 1995 game Apeiron X, a remake of the 1980 arcade game Centipede. The game describes him as an unholy hybrid of a scorpion and a lobster.


Larry is commonly seen as one of the most annoying and infuriating enemies in the game, as he appears from the sides of the playing field (alerted by a growl) and moves across it. He then makes a zigzag pattern across the field, eating mushrooms and getting in the player's way. He will attack with his pincers and tail and can instantly kill the player.

If killed, he will screech and explode in a burst of green blood, usually resulting in 300 points.


Larry appears as a red lobster with a scorpion tail and pincers. He stares out with two large, yellow eyes with black pupils. When killed, he becomes a splat of green blood.


  • The game's instructions state that he is openly evil and needs therapy.
  • He is usually seen as the most annoying enemy in the game.
  • He can be killed by any weapon, but respawns constantly.


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