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Larry Love was a troublemaking douche and traitor in the 1991 film Straight out of Brooklyn, portrayed by none other than the movie's director himself, Matty Rich.

Larry Love gets his name because he thinks he can impress the ladies (he can't).

But that's not why he's a villain by any chance, though he's a smug womanizer. He's one of the boys who participates in trying to rob one of Luther's men for money so that Dennis and his family can leave. Some of his villainaries in the movie include the following: in one scene when they're at a supermarket, he mocks some guy who has one of his former girlfriends, calling him a "chump," and mocking him starting a fight. When the guy overpowers and makes good on confronting him, he threatens to cheat in the fight with an ice tea can.

His disrespectful antics continue. When they're at the house of Kevin's pal, Larry goes as far as calling him a "bitch" and a wimp, mocking him. He even wants to start trouble with him. But his buddy goes as far as to stop.

The most heartbreaking villainary (though it's not shown or elaborated as much) is when him, along with Kevin, betray Dennis at the end, saying they want nothing to do with him, because of the robbery, selfishly worrying about their own lives being threatened by Luther. What a scumbag. He betrays his own friend, and he doesn't even have good morals with other people.

But it's not like it wasn't coming though. Even before the robbery, Larry did nothing but whine about his uncle's gas station job. It's like, come on, bro. Are you with them or against them? Make up your mind.

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