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Trust me. I'm a butcher!
~ Larry

Larry Chiang is a boss from the 2006 video game, Dead Rising, by Capcom. He is a former butcher driven insane by the zombie outbreak. Larry is encountered in chapter 8-3: The Butcher, where he's captured Carlito Keyes, and prepares to make him into ground meat.

He was voiced by Michael Yama

Chapter 8-3: The Butcher

Larry is first spotted on the security monitors dragging Carlito into the butcher room. Frank travels through the maintenance tunnels to the butcher room where he finds Larry propping Carlito onto a hook, ready to be made into ground meat. Larry, in his delusional state, welcomes Frank as a customer, and assumes he wants Carlito for purchase. Frank in an attempt to carefully reason with Larry, asks for "something else in mind", in which case Larry becomes enraged thinking he means zombie meat. Larry responds stating "I can't serve my customers spoiled meat, I have a reputation to uphold!" and  activates the wench, which begins hoisting Carlito towards the meat grinder.

Frank, after failing to reason with him, has no choice but to fight Larry in order to save Carlito from a bloody demise.                        


  • Larry is a unique boss in the fact that he won't outright attack the player at the beginning of the battle, he must be hit first for him to start attacking. This is because he was still respecting of Frank, as he still saw him as a friendly customer.
  • Larry may be a homage to The Butcher that exclaims "Ahh! Fresh Meat!" as the player enters the room in Diablo.
  • Larry has the Chinese character for "meat" tattooed on the back of his neck.


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