Laroy Wayne was the former leader of the One-Niners, being the primary contact for SAMCRO. A major player in gun-running and the heroin trade, SAMCRO supplied weaponry to the One-Niners while initially keeping the Mayans out of the loop. In a deal with SAMCRO, Laroy agreed to keep the Niners restricted to Oakland as long as their "business arrangements" were kept in tact, though retaliation and bad blood was not uncommon between Laroy and SAMCRO. Marcus Alvarez and the Mayans raid an assembly warehouse kept by SAMCRO, stealing M4 Carbines and Glocks before torching the location (destroying any leftover guns and ammunition). It's revealed that this weaponry was previously paid for by the One-Niners, who needed the M4's to protect an incoming heroine shipment. Clay Morrow arrives at the destroyed warehouse, learning of the destruction from Vic Trammel. He tells them that the M4's and Glocks were missing, saying the rest was blown to pieces. Vic expresses concern of what he's supposed to tell Laroy, as he was supposed to deliver 5 cases of weaponry to them and Clay says to set a meeting between himself and the One-Niners leader. ==Personality and appearance== Laroy is a slim African American male. He usually wears a button-front shirt in purple and has a tattoo of the Roman Numeral for 9 (IX) on the back of his neck. He is quiet and calm with the exception of season 4, where he becomes frustrated both when the Sons Of Anarchy protect Alvarez and when Tig kills his girlfriend in a hit and run. It is unknown wether or not he's got knowledge of it being the Sons Of Anarchy. In the early seasons however he had a pretty good relationship with Clay as they call each other brother. Jax and Laroy seems to be getting along as well, considering Laroy gives Jax a chance to convince Piney putting down his weapon when he's in the one-niners bar.