Template:InfoboxLargo is one of the Six-God Generals and a major antagonist in the video game "Tales of the Abyss" and its anime adaptation. He is the 1st Division Commander and leader of the Oracle Knights.

Tales of the Abyss

Largo first appears while doing an assult on the Tartarus. He nearly killed Jade Curtiss with a Fon Curse Slot, but he survived. This caused Jade a lot of difficultiy on using all his artes. Largo and Sync were fought at the Zao Ruins and later, he was fought with Legretta and Arietta. The three were swallowed by an avalance, but survived due to being rescued by Arrieta's monsters. Largo loses a valuable locket, though Luke found it later. At Cheagle Woods, after Arietta died in a duel with Anise, he carried her body away and told Anise not to mourn for her enemies. Luke threw the locket at Largo, beckoning him to reveal his true identity, though he refused and left.

Eventually, he confirms that he is Natilia's true father, though there was no faith in a paternal relationship. At the Absorbtion Gate, he witnessed Van Grants returning since his first battle. Largo fights the party one last time. After the fight, he bidded his daughter, Natalia farewell and died.


He was voiced by Teesho Genda in Japanese and by Jamieson Price in English.