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Large Huntsmen are Huntsmen who are in the later stages of the scourge, and are recurring enemies in Bloodborne.


Large Huntsmen are humanoid in appearance, though they clearly are not human. They are incredibly tall, standing a few heads over normal human beings, their skin covered in fur and their faces taking on a wolf-like form. They still wear clothes, though given their grown form their clothes are small on them full of rips and tears.


Being infected by the scourge, the Large Huntsmen have an unquenchable blood-thirst, diriving to kill those around them. They clearly re not completely gone however, as they can be seen working with Huntsmen. While they cannot talk, they can however use tools and weild torches, despite beast's natural aversion to fire.

Powers and Abilities

Given their enhancements, they are faster and stronger than normal Huntsmen. They are also smart enough to use tools, seen using torches and farming utensiles as weapons.


Due to the ancient blood used by the Healing Church, the population of Yharnam fall under what is known as the Scourge, a plague sweeping across the population where their thirst for blood drives them mad, turning them into literal beasts. Large Huntsmen are those in later stages of the infection, becoming larger and taking on wolf-like characteristics before becoming Scourge Beasts.

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