Large Fry is the fifth boss in Wario Land: Shake It! It resembles a giant fish dressed as a chef. He will start by attacking with a Ground Pound, causing two sacks of enemies to drop down. Inside, there is a mixture of either red or yellow Bandineros, Buccaneros, Shortfuses, Nosedozers, or Recapitators. Wario must throw an enemy into the mouth of the boss, then he will spit out a bomb. Wario must then throw the bomb back into Large Fry's mouth. The bomb will explode inside him, dropping him to the floor, vulnerable to attack. Each bomb he eats will cause it to grow bigger, which means it will take more enemies to throw at him before it spits out a bomb. If Large Fry glows green, then he is preparing a fast dash attack from the side of the screen, which can be avoided by ducking. Large Fry can also spit missles from his mouth which home in on Wario.

Defeating this boss awards the player with the Large Fry Emblem and access to the Shakedown Schooner, where Shake King, the final boss, awaits.