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Armadillo (Talking Friends)

The Large Armadillo is the main antagonist in the Talking Friends TV Series episode called Super Tom. He was defeated when Tom tickled him and Ginger almost pushed him into Ben's trailer and turned smaller and walked away. Like the News Making Machine and Giant Robot, he was never seen again in the rest of the episodes.  


The Large Armadillo is a giant monster who is extremely dangerous, stealthy, vicious, savage, evil, fierce, monstrous, aggressive, bloodthirsty, carnivorous, sadistic, ruthless, and violent.


  • Large Armadillo is the third villain to be in Talking Friends TV Series after News Making Machine and Giant Robot.
  • Large Armadillo, News Making Machine and Giant Robot are the only villains in Talking Friends TV Series, unlike Pierre and Ben who both reformed.
  • It is unknown what happened to Large Armadillo in the end of the episode when he got defeated.
  • Large Armadillo is the third Talking Friends villain that does not talk followed by Giant Robot and the Hand.
  • Large Armadillo is very similar to Sharptooth from The Land Before Time, Barracuda from Finding Nemo, Screamin' Banshee from Mater and the Ghostlight and Sharpener from Annoying Orange.

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