Lapis Sad

Lapis is one of the villains in Kaze no Stigma. She is an artifical being created by Bernhardt Rhodes (Vesalius) from the remaining sentience of Tsui-Ling, after she was sacrificed by the previous leader of Armagest to summon Belial.

She is voiced by Yui Makino in the Japanese version of the anime and Leah Clark in the English version.


She is physically identical to Tsui-Ling, the only difference being the eye colour, which in the case of Tsui-Ling is jade and in the case of Lapis, purple.


Lapis has superhuman strength, being able to effortlessly wield a crystal sword of the same height as herself. Her personality is cold and somewhat emotionless, even though she is able to experience satisfaction from watching others suffer and shows loyalty to her master and creator, Vesalius. Since she is made from the sentience of Tsui-Ling, she also possesses her thoughts and memories.

Lapis first appears briefly in episode 18, running away from Kazuma, and is properly shown and introduced in episode 19. She is shown many times since, and her last anime appearance is at the final episode, when she leaves with Vesalius and tells Kazuma what Tsui-Ling's last thought was.