Lani Tomas is the mother of Sam Tomas, but she was also a Aswang, a monster that ate unborn infants so that they would live longer.


Following her kinds traditions, her first born son Sam married a woman called Dana, and soon got her pregnant. As such Lani traveled from the Philippians to Portland to eat her unborn infant. She waited till Dana had fallen asleep, before climbing up the tree and slipping her tongue through the window, where it extended right into Dana's stomach and womb. She used this to also inject a sedative that she had chewed up called Valerian root into her to make her woozy. However Dana managed to awake and tried to escape. Lani crawled in and climbing along the walls tried to continue the feeding. Dana managed to stop her, by stabbing her tongue with a broken bit of lamp. Likewise a neighbor heard Dana screaming and Lani was forced to retreat.

The police arrived to find Dana, along with Sargent Wu, Dana warned him it was a Aswang before she passed out. Being from the Philippians Wu knew the legend and began to wonder what was going on. Meanwhile Sam, deciding he loved Dana tried to back out, he went to his mother and told her she couldn't do this. Lani tried to encourage him, pointing out she would die in one month if this wasn't done and it was centuries of Aswang tradition for the first born son to produce the child for the mother to eat. Sam refused and gave her a plane ticket back home telling to go.

However, Lani refused, and after Dana returned home, she broke into there home, and kicked her son down the banister. She then went to Dana, to reassure her claiming Sam had called her to come over to help after the assault, and was able to lull her back to sleep. After she fell asleep she resumed feeding on Dana. However, Wu had been watching broke into save Dana and confronted her. Terrified at confronting his childhood monster Wu was paralysed, Lani attacked him, and struggle broke out. Lani knocked him down and tried to kill him with her claws. However at that moment Nick busted in and killed Lani with a single shot to the back of the head. Wu however was shocked when Lani turned back to human form upon death, and instead repeatedly she had been a monster. The incident however left Wu traumatised, so much so he checked himself into a metal health hospital.


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