The Langoliers

The Langoliers

The Langoliers are the titular main antagonists of the Stephen King story The Langoliers as well as the television mini-series of the same name, they are sphere-shaped monsters with immense appetites and the ability to travel through time: they are described as timekeepers of sorts who devour those who are displaced in time, destroying remanents of the past as a kind of temporal scavenger/predator.

Although mentioned throughout the story, with their presence being felt by some psychic characters, the actual Langoliers did not appear physically until near the end of the tale - as is often the case with supernatural beings in psychological horror.



  • The Nostalgia Critic notably made fun of the Langoliers, commenting on their description as "giant cannonballs" and "over cooked meatballs" making them sound stupid, and also pointed out their poor CGI effect.