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“Hey, I'll send you to Vylon. He must be getting lonely by now.” —Battle Quote with Siglud

Langobalt, (translated Langbart in some fan translations), is the Duke of Dozel Castle, and he is the father of Lex and Danan. He schemed with Duke Reptor in a conspiracy to obtain more power, and when Prince Kurth was going back from the war in Isaac, Langobalt killed him and framed Vylon and Siglud among others. In Chapter 3, he is seen coming to northern Agustria to arrest Siglud for assisting in supposably assisting to overthrow the crown and aiding in killing Prince Kurth... Siglud escapes to Silesia, and Langobalt is seen again in Chapter 5, leading a large amount of Grandbell soldiers against Siglud's army. Siglud kills him and thus avenges his father. Langobolt is also shown in the beggining of chapter 5 to resent Andorey for killing Lord Ring who he respected.

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