Lang is a general of the Akaneian Empire and the Marquess of Adria. During the War of Darkness, he co-operated with Doluna and stole wealth from civilians. Afterwards, he was appointed the leader of the occupation army at Grust by Emperor Hardin. Lang's ruthless actions at Grust, including capturing all the young females, caused the civilians to rebel. Eventually Marth is summoned to Grust to aid Lang, starting with defeating the rebel leader Lorenz and securing the royal prince and princess, Yubello and Yumina. When the royal children manage to escape, Marth decides to fight Lang. Lang retreats to Olbern castle and defends himself against Marth's army and even hires who he believes to be Nabarl, but who is in fact Samto. In his last moments Lang pretends that his actions all came out because he was relunctantly following Hardin's wishes, but it is simply a ruse to distract his enemy.