Landlord is the Main Villain in Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig

He first appeared in "Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig," in which he was the true antagonist. He arrived for his rent money. Charlie, however, spent it all on booze, and he threatened to throw Mr. Stabby, a knife, at the landlord if he doesn't stop complaining. Frightened for his life, the landlord leaves, saying that the rent was on him. But he soon came back in with a rifle to get his money, but Charlie stabbed him with Mr. Stabby.

He returned in "Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3." After receiving his rent money, it is revealed that the landlord is actually a North Korean spy working for Kim Jong-il, who wanted to capture Charlie for some reason. He eventually received a special device to capture Charlie from his excellency, which is really a vacuum cleaner, and he and his master laugh evilly together.

In "Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3.5," the landlord tried to capture Charlie and he saw him in a robot avatar of Ian. Thinking it was the real Ian, he said, "What the hell?", and Charlie accidentally threw Mr. Stabby at him again. When the landlord did manage to get to Charlie, the vacuum hole was too small to suck Charlie in. After the vacuum overloaded, he fled and Charlie threw Mr. Stabby at him, only to hit Ian instead. The landlord ran away laughing, but Charlie caught up with him and stabbed him again after Anthony switched the vacuum from suck to blow which sent Charlie flying into the air. The landlord is officially dead.