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Welcome to another episode of Grave Encounters... The rest of the cast, is no longer with us. BUT I! I'M STILL HERE!
~ Lance Preston losing his sanity forever.

Lance Preston is the anti-heroic protagonist of the 2011 Canadian horror film Grave Encounters and the main antagonist of Grave Encounters 2.

He is portrayed by Sean Rogerson.


Grave Encounters

A paranormal investigator and leader of the crew of Grave Encounters, Lance discovered Collingwood Hospital following a number of investigations. He thinks his dream has finally come true: finding evidence about existence of life after death. Hours later, some of the members of the crew started to die and disappear. After some time in the hospital, Lance discovers that the hospital is actually an insane asylum. In the end, Lance is the only survivor; he discovered the room where Dr. Arthur Friedkin does lobotomies. Friedkin's ghost finds Lance and lobotomizes him, which causes Lance to go insane.

Grave Encounters 2

9 years after the events of the first film, Lance finds a man, Alex Wright, and his crew. Lance informs Alex that he survived by eating rats and drinking toilet water. Alex subsequently discovers that Lance was helping the ghosts of the building to kill people, including the members of his former crew. Alex and Lance have a fight to the death; while they fight, a huge black hole opens behind Lance and sucks him in. His ultimate fate is left ambiguous.




  • Lance shares similarities with the following villains:
    • Donald Harris from 28 Weeks Later; they served as the main protagonist initially, but then they became the main antagonist and caused the events of the story.
    • Jack Torrance from The Shining; they travel to a mysterious building, only to be corrupted and driven insane by said building.