Lance Landers

Lance Landers

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What the F, loser?!
~ Lance Landers's famous quote.

Lance Landers is Rick Riker's hateful enemy and an antagonist in Superhero Movie.

He is also not only the obnoxious ex-boyfriend of fellow high school student Jill "Jillian" Johnson (who is truly in love with Rick Riker), but also the nephew of Mr. Lou Landers (who is known by his supervillain alter-ego Hourglass) as well as probable heir to his uncle's prestigious multimillion dollar empire known as Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals. He always likes to pushes Rick around as well as seeing him weak and pathetic, and he despises him being around his "girl", Jill herself.



  • He is a parody of both Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson.
  • The actor who played Lance Landers, Ryan Hansen, also plays Dick Casablancas on Veronica Mars.