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Lana 8 - PPV Extreme Rules May 14 2014 1

The evil Russian, Lana

Lana is a wrestling manager who works in WWE.

She is an evil Russian villainess who dresses in business suits with very short skirts. She hates everything about America and plans to show everyone how inferior America and the rest of the world is to Russia. To do this she uses a brute of a man named Rusev to dominate all that stand in her way. She has a domineering power over Rusev, who operates on her command. During Rusev's matches she will eventually order him to finish his opponent after she is satisfied by the beating the opponent has taken. She will do this by telling him to CRUSH them by locking in a submission hold called The Acolade, a hold he will only release on her command.

Lana debuted with Rusev on the 7th April 2014 edition of RAW where he made quick work of an opponent. In the weeks and months to come she would frequently disrespect America and Americans, whilst praising Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. Many wrestlers would try and defend America during this time by attempting to take down Lana and Rusev, but they would all fail and fall to them. On the 3rd November 2014 edition of RAW, Rusev would end up winning the WWE United States Championship, a win that thrilled Lana. They were now in possession of the United States Championship and Rusev was still undefeated in his matches, all the Americans who tried to stop them had failed so far, Lana was enjoying their dominance.

Lana 2 - RAW Apr 14 2014 1

Lana has something to say

The situation made WWE mega star John Cena take notice, he was determined to take the United States Championship away from the evil Russian's control, and end Rusev's undefeated streak at the same time. Cena and Rusev would feud resulting in a match for the championship at Wrestlemania 31 on 29th March 2015. The match would end as Lana got up on the apron to distract John Cena, Rusev charged at Cena to try and attack him, but Cena moved out of the way. Rusev instead knocked Lana off the ring apron by accident, which lead to Cena taking control of the match and finally ending Rusev's undefeated streak nearly a year after he first debuted, but more importantly taking the United States Championship back to America.

During Rusev's feud with Cena, Lana began receiving cheers from the crowd, which led to dissension between her and Rusev. Rusev began to berate Lana and blame her for his losses and on the day after Payback, Lana became fed up with Rusev's attitude and left him. She would later begin a relationship with Dolph Ziggler, which turned Lana babyface.

On September 7, Lana injured her wrist while training to wrestle, and was announced to be sidelined for up to four months. A month later on October 11, Lana's real-life engagement to Rusev was announced on TMZ, and after WWE inserted the engagement in their ongoing storylines, Lana's storyline relationship with Dolph Ziggler ended, as did Rusev's with Summer Rae. As a result of the engagement, Lana turned into an evil villainess once again. On November 30, the evil Lana returned to Raw with Rusev and they announced their engagement on MizTV.


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